Best BongaCams Studio: Become An Adult Webcam Model

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Best BongaCams Studio: Become An Adult Webcam Model

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Become A BongaCams Adult Webcam Model

Become A BongaCams Webcam Model

BongaCams is one of the world’s most popular camming sites. BongaCams has a proven track record and great traffic in both the USA, Eastern Europe and the rest of the world. Get started as a webcam model, work from the comfort of your home and only work the hours you want to perform. Here’s all the details.


What’s Required To Get Started?

  • Government Issued ID – This is for age verification and something that Dimepeace (as well as all other sites) are required to collect in order to stay compliant with federal US Regulation (2257 Compliance).
  • Laptop – Most modern PCs or laptops will be able to run the streaming software just fine.
  • Webcam – An HD webcam is highly advised and you’ll make more money with one. If you’re using a stock laptop webcam, upgrade ASAP!
  • Place To Perform – You’ll need a place to perform where you won’t have people walking in on you. Most models cam in the bedroom or a dedicated camming room.
  • Props, Toys and Outfits – Certain types of shows might require specific props or toys. It’s also useful to have different outfits, accessories and toys to use in general.
  • Wireless Mouse and Keyboard – Not a requirement, but highly suggested. Makes it easier to type and click during your performances.


How Much Do BongaCams Models Make?

BongaCams models start at 50% of everything spent on the site. It’s possible for performers to make a greater percentage by referring customers to the site. There’s no per-hour or salary. Everything is performance-based. You get out of it just as much as you put into it. Potential of hundreds per day on good days.


Services Dimepeace Offers BongaCams Models

As part of the studio, you’re able to take advantage of the many services that Dimepeace offers our models. Here’s some of the perks you receive when you sign with us:

100% Payouts – We’re able to offer models 100% payouts. What that means is that studio models will get paid just as much as if they were performing independently on BongaCams. You still get all the traffic, consultation and other services.

More Frequent Payments – If you desire payments more frequent than once a week, we can provide that for you. Get paid daily, if you earn high enough. We’ll also consolidate your earnings from the other networks. (Enhanced payouts not yet available with 100% rates. We’re working on it!)

Add BongaCams Chatroom To Website – Not only will we help you in designing your very own website, we’ll add your BongaCams chatroom to it! By keeping your camming feed on your website, you’re not competing with the network’s also models. It also helps your customers find the other networks you are a part of and shop for your services.

Consultation – We’ve got years of experience in camming and other forums of adult entertainment. We’ll consult you on everything you need to know to get started and make your shows as profitable as possible.

Promotion – We’ve got years of marketing experience, both inside and outside of the adult industry. We know how to drive traffic and sales. Our traffic will help you build your customer base and drive sales.


Apply To Become A Model Today!

Ready to get started? Apply to become a Dimepeace model today! We’ll follow-up with you within 48 hours and provide all the information you need to get started. Perform live on BongaCams, as well as the network of other sites we’re a part of. Start your career in the adult industry today.


Not Interested In The Studio Agreement? Register Independently!

Don’t want to go the studio route? You can always register independently with BongaCams. Because we offer 100% payouts for BongaCams models, it makes more sense to register with Dimepeace and take advantage of the services we offer our models. But if you choose otherwise, we totally respect your decision. BongaCams is still a great camming site that you should consider performing on.

Register As An Independent BongaCams Model