Camgirls: Picking Out Your Camming Name

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Camgirls: Picking Out Your Camming Name

Category : Getting Started

One of the most important things to do before you get started in the adult industry is pick out your adult stage-name. This is the name that you’ll be using when performing. It’s also the name that you’ll go by on your social media networks and any other sites you register on. Basically, any time someone refers to your adult persona, it’ll be by your stage-name. This makes it very important that you select a good name, as it’s going to stick with you for the duration of your adult career.


Pick A Name That You Like

It’s important that you pick out a name that you like. This is the name that you’re going to be going by when on cam, over social media and any other place where you’re going by your adult persona. Because of this, it’s important that you select a name that you like calling yourself and being called. Was there ever a name you wish you had instead of yours? Or a name you ever found to be particularly sexy or good in general?


Pick A Catchy / Memorable Name

You want to make sure that your fans and customers can remember your name. If your name isn’t catchy enough, they might forget it and have no way to find you in the future. Having a clever name can make it very easy to remember. Make sure that your name isn’t hard to pronounce or read. Having a name that spoofs another famous name (in a sexy way) can make it insanely easy to remember.


Pick A Sexy Name

You want to have a sexy name. You want people to think your hot just by hearing your name. Something young and hot. What constitutes as a sexy name will vary from person to person. Use your best judgement.


Need Ideas? Here’s A Random Name Generator

If you need ideas for your stage-name, consider using a name generator. There’s tons of random name generator tools out there and these can be used for inspiration. Maybe it even generates your perfect adult alias. Here’s a random name generator that you can play around with for inspiration.