Best Chaturbate Studio: Webcam Models Wanted!

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Best Chaturbate Studio: Webcam Models Wanted!

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Get Started As A Chaturbate Broadcaster

Chaturbate is one of the world’s most popular adult webcam sites and offers a wide range of innovative features. Chaturbate is the only camming site to feature a full app store that can be used to truly customize your chatroom and shows. Here’s all the details on becoming a Chaturbate model, including the services Dimepeace offers for studio models.


What’s Required To Get Started?

In order to get started as a Chaturbate model, there’s a couple things you’ll need:

  • Government Issued ID – This is for age verification and something that Dimepeace (as well as all other sites) are required to collect in order to stay compliant with federal US Regulation (2257 Compliance).
  • Laptop – Most modern PCs or laptops will be able to run the streaming software just fine.
  • Webcam – An HD webcam is highly advised and you’ll make more money with one. If you’re using a stock laptop webcam, upgrade ASAP!
  • Place To Perform – You’ll need a place to perform where you won’t have people walking in on you. Most models cam in the bedroom or a dedicated camming room.
  • Props, Toys and Outfits – Certain types of shows might require specific props or toys. It’s also useful to have different outfits, accessories and toys to use in general.
  • Wireless Mouse and Keyboard – Not a requirement, but highly suggested. Makes it easier to type and click during your performances.


Don’t Have These Items? Try Crowdfunding!

Don’t have these items and don’t have the cash to acquire them? Consider creating a crowdfunding campaign. Piggybank Girls is a crowdfunding platform for adult models and has been used by camgirls to acquire equipment needed for live camming.


How Much Do Chaturbate Broadcasters Make?

Chaturbate broadcasters make 5 cents per token, which is roughly about 50% (depending on what token package is purchased). That doesn’t sound like much, but successful models are able to stack many tokens very quickly.

Chaturbate is primarily a public chat site. That means models work towards “Tip Goals”. Models set a tip goal and indicate the type of performance that will happen once the goal is met. Chaturbate also provides apps that allow you to play tipping games.

In addition to public chat and tip goals, Chaturbate also supports private shows. Private shows are charged by the minute. Although private is supported, Chaturbate is more known for public chat and most CB models find public to be more profitable.


Dimepeace Charges a 5% Studio Fee For Chaturbate

Dimepeace Studio takes a 5% cut out of models earnings. This is an exchange for the services the studio provides for models. These services include promotion, consultation, consolidated payments between Chaturbate and other sites, DMCA takedowns and more.

We strive to operate as marginally as possible, to provide maximum value and profitability to models. There are sites in our network where models make 100% of what they would get paid if they registered independently. Unfortunately, we cannot offer that with Chaturbate [yet]. Check out the list of sites we offer 100% payouts for.

If you prefer to register for Chaturbate independently to make that extra 5%, we totally understand and support you in your career as an independent CB model. We invite you to check out the studio agreements we offer with other networks and remind you that you need only have one studio agreement with us to take advantage of all the Dimepeace features and services.


What Services Dimepeace Offers Models

Dimepeace studio offers many services to our models. Here are the major services we offer, including some Chaturbate-specific services:

Better Payout Options – Chaturbate only pays out independent models twice per month. Through Dimepeace, you can get paid weekly (or more frequently). We’ll also consolidate Chaturbate payments with the revenue from the other sites you’re performing on.

Promotion – We’ve got years of marketing experience, both inside and outside the camming vertical and the adult industry in general. We provide in-house promotion that gets our models more traffic, customers in sales. We’ll also help you with your own personal marketing efforts.

Consultation – We’ve got years of experience in camming, amateur porn production and more. We’ll answer any questions you’ve got about the industry and share the tricks of the trade that will make your shows more profitable.

Chaturbate Profile Design – Make your Chaturbate profile truly amazing. We’ll help you to develop a customized visual Chaturbate profile. Add a tip menu, chat rooms, visual bio and more to your profile page.

Chaturbate Website Integration – Not only will we help you build up your own personal website, but we’ll help you add your Chaturbate chatroom directly to it! Plus, as an added bonus, we’ll cover all the domain registration and hosting expenses. There are many benefits to this, primarily that your website is branded towards you and makes it easier for customers to find your other sites, networks and the services that you offer.


Independent Models Can Be Transferred

If you’re currently performing on Chaturbate as an independent model and want to become part of Dimepeace, we can make it happen! It’s possible for independent models to be transferred over to a studio account. For details, fill out the application and indicate that you’re currently a Chaturbate model who wants to be moved over to our team!


Ready To Get Started? Apply Today!

Ready to get started? Apply to become a Dimepeace model today! We’ll respond to your application within 48 hours with a response. In addition to performing live on Chaturbate, also perform on our huge network of sites.


Not Interested In The Studio? Register Independently!

We understand that the studio route isn’t for everyone. We strive to provide as much value as possible to our studio models, going above and beyond what average studios offer. If you feel that you’re better off performing independently, we understand and wish you the best of luck in your camming career.

It’s possible to register for Chaturbate independently. If you’re looking for camming sites, it’s a great choice and worth checking out.

We also invite you to check out the rest of our network, including the sites we can offer 100% payouts for.