Customs4U: Video Sales and Custom Content Requests

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Customs4U: Video Sales and Custom Content Requests

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Custom Content and Pre-Recorded Clip Sales

Customs4U is a clip store and camming sites specializing in custom content. Custom content sells for way more than a regular video. Best of all, you can either resell the custom requests as a pre-recorded video after fulfilling the order or charge a premium to make it exclusive.

Customs4U also allows models to make money from selling pre-recorded videos and from live camming.


What’s Required To Get Started?

The only real requirement to get started is that you must be eighteen years old or older. You’ll need to provide proof of identity, including a digital copy of photo ID. This is for age verification purposes only and your real information is always kept private and secure.

You’ll also need all the equipment to produce the content or perform on webcam. Models are responsible for acquiring all their own equipment. If you’re camming, it’s suggested to be using an HD webcam. For producing content, the higher quality of the production, the more money it’ll be worth. It’s possible to get started with an HD webcam or smart phone, but consider upgrading your equipment, including lighting and post-editing software as soon as possible.


How Much Money Do Producers Make?

Models are able to indicate how much they want to charge for their videos and custom job fulfillment. Keep in mind there’s some network fees to consider when pricing your content.

Custom content sells for a higher price than a pre-recorded clip. It’s also possible to resell custom content as pre-recorded videos after the job is complete. Many models will offer the video exclusively for the requester for an additional price, usually at least $100 if not more.

Keep in mind that video sales (not customs) can create a residual income. Once a video is uploaded for sale, it has the potential to generate sales for the duration it’s available for purchase. The more content you have available, the greater your income will be.

It’s also possible to sell your videos across multiple sites and multiple stores in order to increase the earning potential of each individual piece of content.


Sell Independently As Well As With Us



Services Dimepeace Offers Our Producers

Consultation On Clip Production, Marketing and Selling

Our team has years of experience in amateur porn production. We can provide expert consultation on the best practices for producing your content and how to maximize the revenue from your work.

We'll Provide Video Editing Services

Don’t have editing software? We can help with that. We provide video editing software for all our studio models.

World-Class DMCA Protection

Dimepeace has partnered with leading tech companies that enables us to offer world-class DMCA protection.  This protects your content from being stolen and pirated. Not only do we protect against the content uploaded to Customs4U, but we protect ALL your content from pirating.

While some companies will send takedown notices on your behalf, most don’t actively monitor for pirated content. Dimepeace scans the torrent sites, tube sites, social media and the rest of the internet for your content. We also search for it in multiple languages and have plenty of ways to go about getting it removed. Even from foreign torrent sites.

Learn more about our DMCA services

Better Payout Options

Customs4U only offers Payoneer as a payout option. If Payoneer is not your payout method of choice, we’ll provide additional cashout options. Other options include; check, ACH, wire and Paxum. If there’s a cashout method not mentioned that you’d prefer, contact us and we’ll look into implementing it.

Customs4U also only pays out twice per month. If your earnings are high enough, we’ll give you more frequent payouts. Daily for high earning models!

Sell Independently And On Our Stores

You can start up a Customs4U account as an independent seller as well as partnering with Dimepeace. If you’re also selling independently we’ll work with pricing to make sure you’ve got the better price and Dimepeace isn’t competing with you. All sales we make are bonuses.

Promotion For All Your Services / Networks

Not only do we drive traffic for the services on Customs4U, but we drive traffic to all the sites that you are a part of. Dimepeace has years of marketing experience, both inside and outside of the adult vertical. We know how to generate traffic and sales.


Apply To Become A Model!

Ready to get started? Apply to become a model now! We’ll follow-up within 48 hours with more information on how to get started. Get your content featured on Customs4U, as well as many other sites in our network. Get started today!


Sign Up Independently With Customs4U

In addition to the Dimepeace studio relationship, it’s also possible to perform independently on Customs4U. It’s actually suggested to do both. With your individual account, the focus is all on you. The studio account features content from all our models. Having both an individual account as well as being featured on the studio will guarantee you the most profits possible. We’ll even work with pricing to ensure that you have the best price. That way you’re not competing with yourself!

Signup as an independent Customs4U model