DMCA Protection: Remove Stolen Content From Torrent & Tube Sites

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DMCA Protection: Remove Stolen Content From Torrent & Tube Sites

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Camgirls: Remove Pirated Content

Pirated and stolen content is a major concern for camgirls and amateur porn producers. Not only does it cut into profit margins, but it creates privacy risks as well. Certain cam sites and other networks offer privacy protection from their models. Torrent and tube sites don’t. For models that are very concerned about blocking specific regions, this is an issue. Dimepeace offers a solution to our models. Here’s all the information on our DMCA services.


Dimepeace’s DMCA Protection Services

Dimepeace has partnered with leading DMCA tech providers to over world-class protection. We’ll actively monitor the internet for your content. Unlike in-house DMCA protection offered by camming sites, we ACTIVELY search for your content. Also, we’ll takedown anything stolen from you. Most sites will only submit requests for content stolen specifically from their site.


DMCA Protection Features:

$3,000+ Service Provided Free For Our Models

Similar services start at around $3,000 per year and go upwards from there. We provide this service free for our studio models. The only requirement is that you have a studio agreement with us and are active and earning. That’s it. We never charge you for DMCA services.

Actively Searches Torrent Sites

We actively monitor the torrent sites for siterips, recorded cam shows and more. Torrent sites actively cut into models bottom lines. Especially for porn producers. Most torrent sites operate overseas as well, making them very difficult to get to comply. We have a track record for being able to handle these pesky pirates.

Actively Searches Tube Sites

Tube sites are another major piracy concerns. Anyone can register an account on the tube sites and upload your videos or recorded camming shows. Our solution actively monitors the popular tube sites for your content.

Scans The Rest of the Internet

Tube sites and torrent sites aren’t the only sites we actively monitor and protect against. Our solution searches the entire internet for your pirated content. This includes social media sites and other websites.

Automatically Sends Out Takedown Requests

When pirated content is discovered, DMCA takedown requests are automatically sent out on your behalf. You get a copy of the takedown request forwarded to your email.

Your Personal Information Not Included

Your name is never included on the takedown request. This is the biggest issue models who submit their own takedown notices face. Pirates have been known to use the personal information in the takedown request as blackmail against models. Sometimes even extorting them!

Finds Files In Multiple Languages

The software used to detect pirated content has algorithms built in to look for files in multiple languages. Sometimes it’s harder to detect these files due to the language barriers.

Takedown Methods Besides DMCA

Sometimes foreign entities don’t honor DMCA takedown requests. That’s usually a dead-end for most DMCA companies, studios and independent models, but not for us. We’ve got a couple other tricks up our sleeves that can be used to remove your stolen content.

White-List Affiliates and Promoters

If you’ve got affiliate marketers and other promoters marketing your shows and content. We ask for confirmation before submitting any takedown notices, unless it’s blatantly pirated (such as a torrent siterip).


Apply To Become A Model Today!

Ready to get started? Apply to become a model today! We’ll respond within 48 hours and give you more information on how to start your adult career. DMCA protection is only one of the many services Dimepeace offers models. To learn more about what we offer, check out our Services section.