What Makes Our Camming Studio Different

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What Makes Our Camming Studio Different

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If you’ve been in the camming / amateur adult industry, you’ve probably heard a lot of bad feedback about camming studios. We understand that. We’re part of the community too, and we’ve seen how many studios have done models wrong. The sleazy, dirty studios that don’t do anything for their models except take their hard earned money have given a bad name to the rest of the studios. We strive to be everything that those studios are not, and there’s tons of different features that make us better than your average studio. Here are some examples of why we’re better.


We Pay Higher Rates (Up To 100%!)

You’ll see a lot of studios advertising that they pay they’re models inflated numbers like 70-80%. What they don’t disclose is that you’re really getting paid that percentage after the network has taken out their fees. So if a network pays models and studios 50%, and you’re making 80% of that, it’s really only 40%. That’s a huge difference from 80%.

Many of these studios only highlight the percentage they pay out and try to hide the fact that it’s only that percent of what the network pays them. Not only is this very deceptive, but these studios are ripping models off! Especially the ones that provide very little value to justify the studio fees.

We are different. We have secured some exclusive deals with sites for camming and selling content so that we can pay our models the full 100%. Although the list of sites we can currently offer this for is minimal, we’re currently busy negotiating with many more sites and plan to add to that offering soon.

On all the other sites, we only charge 5%. What’s even better? If you want to register independently to the sites we don’t have a 100% agreement for, we’ll let you! Of course, that network will be exempt from some of our other features such as consolidated payouts, paid traffic and a few others, but you’ll be getting the full 100% payouts. We’ll even promote your profile on those sites through our websites or social media.


No Shady Language In Model Agreements

Some studios hide some very shady language in their models agreement. This might include ownership of your performing-name (“brand”), any websites built on your behalf and no-compete clauses. Sometimes these agreements keep models from leaving the studio and performing independently. We think this is ridiculous and would never dream of including such provisions. If you don’t want to perform with us, we will not stand in your way or try to hold your identity, content or web presences hostage.

The purpose of a studio is to help and provide value for models. Holding them or their earnings hostage is the exact opposite. Our model agreement forms include the bare minimum needed to protect both you and us legally. Any language included is for protection only and not meant to prohibit or disable the model in any way, as well as outline some of our content guidelines and policies.

You’re free to leave us at any time and we’ll never hold  your identity/brand hostage. The most we’ll ever ask is that you repay any funds used to cover registration of website names or other overhead, which would be extremely minimal.


We Allow Models To Perform On Multiple Sites

Many studios will only allow models to perform on a single site. This is very limiting and doesn’t give the studio models any choice at all. We have partnered with many sites, so that we can offer models a wide selection to choose from. We even offer some innovative features like consolidated payments across all the sites you’re performing on.

If there’s a site that we don’t have a studio agreement with, you are more than welcome to perform on that site. Hell, we’ll even toss a link to it on your official profile page and some of our other web presences. We want you to be successful, and if that means allowing you to perform outside of our network, that is perfectly fine.


World-Class DMCA Protection

Pirated content is a major issue for camgirls and porn producers. “DMCA” is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act”. It protects copyright owners from theft of intellectual property. “DMCA Protection” is monitoring for stolen content and getting it removed. We’ve partnered with leading tech companies to be able to provide world-class DMCA protection for our models. Comparable services run between $800-$3,000 annually. All this is provided free of charge to Dimepeace models.

This means that we’re constantly scanning torrent sites, tube sites, affiliate sites, social media and the rest of the internet for your stolen content. This is very important for your income. When people are able to gain access to your videos and recorded webcam shows for free, that’s less incentive for them to pay for it. If they’re not paying for it, you’re not getting paid. Keeping on-top of pirated content will make sure that the only places they’re getting your content are places that are getting you paid.


We Are Selective About Models We Work With

Unlike some studios that accept all models, we are selective about who we work with. Although this means that we have to reject a lot of talent, it allows us to give more attention to our studio girls. The studios that accept too many models (some studios accept everyone!) dilute themselves. Even if they put in a lot of effort consulting and promoting their models, sometimes it’s not even noticeable!

By being selective about the talent we bring on board, we can ensure that each model gets the attention she deserves. We will never scale our company past what we can manage, to ensure the best support, consultation and promotion possible!


Consolidated Payments and More Payment Options

If you’re an independent model performing on multiple sites, you know that not all the sites offer the same cashout options and payout schedules. All sites also have pesky minimum payments. We are able to consolidate all the payments from the sites we have studio agreements with and provide more frequent payments as well. We also eliminate those pesky minimum payments. Get paid more frequently and receive your money in the most convenient way for you!


Discrete Wishlist Item Forwarding

Certain wishlist providers such as Amazon contain security flaws. These flaws can compromise a model’s privacy! That’s why we offer wishlist forwarding for our models. Use our address in a different state than yours, and we’ll forward it to your real address! That way, if there’s any security leaks from a wishlist provider, they’ll see our mailing address far from where you really live!


Promotion and Traffic

Dimepeace has over 10 years combined marketing experience, both within the adult industry as well as other industries. We do our own in-house promotion, as well as consult you how to do your own self-promotion. Our consultation and marketing effort will drive you traffic which will result in more customers and more sales. In addition to our own web presences and marketing efforts, we’re part of publisher networks that allow us to place ads on thousands of adult websites, bringing in a guaranteed flow of traffic.

Learn more about how we promote you


Expert Consultation

We’ve got years of experience in live camming and producing amateur porn. We’ll help you get started and teach you the best practices for performing or producing content. Having expert consultation will save you the learning curve and teaching yourself by trial and error. Learn what works and what doesn’t work and start earning more money faster.


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