Best ManyVids Studio: Sell Videos and Adult Services

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Best ManyVids Studio: Sell Videos and Adult Services

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ManyVids is a very popular site specializing in the sales of adult clips. In addition to selling videos ManyVids also hosts a selection of other features and tons of other services can be sold via custom stores. Here’s all the details.


How Much Do ManyVids Sellers Make?

ManyVids pays out 60% of the total sale price for all products and services. Pricing is up to the performer. It’s important to find a balanced pricing strategy. Better priced content will generate more sales, but you don’t want to sell yourself short.

How much a clip is worth varies on a wide range of factors. These factors include:

  • Quality of production
  • Attractiveness of performers
  • What fetishes the content caters to
  • Length of clip

We’ll work with you to make sure your content is as profitable as possible.


Dimepeace Pays 95% To Models

Dimepeace takes a 5% cut HOWEVER we have something we call “No-Compete Pricing”. We do not restrict models from also selling independently on ManyVids In fact we encourage it. And if you are also selling independently on ManyVids, we’ll work with pricing so that you’ll make just as much or more per sale, even with the 5% studio fee. That way we’re also not directly competing with you price-wise, ensuring that the studio relationship is as profitable as possible.

You’ll also gain access to all the other services we offer models. Some of which are listed below.


What Services Dimepeace Offers To Sellers

Consultant and Help Getting Started

We’ve got years of experience in producing and selling amateur porn. We can answer any questions you got on filming, producing, pricing and anything else that might come up.


Dimepeace uses a wide range of tactics to drive traffic and sales. In addition to driving traffic to our ManyVids store, we also promote your other networks and services.

DMCA Monitoring and Protection

We provide advanced DMCA monitoring and takedown. When pirates steal content that’s available for sale, there’s less incentive for customers to purchase it. By actively scanning torrent sites, tube sites, social media and the rest of the internet, you ensure that your content is only available where you want it to be.

No-Compete Pricing For Independent Sellers

If you are selling content independently on the same sites, we’ll work with you with pricing to make sure that each sale is just as or even more profitable as it would normally be. This ensures that we’re not directly competing with you price-wise and that the studio relationship is as profitable as possible.

Better Payout Options

ManyVids provides payments twice a month. We’ll provide much more frequent payments. Daily for high earners. We also offer Paxum as an additional payout option.


Apply To Become A Model


Ready to get started? Apply to become a model today! We’ll follow-up with you within 48 hours to discuss your options and provide more information on how to start your adult career. Get started today!