Dimepeace did something very smart prior to launching. We reached out to the community and asked models what kind of services they wanted to see. Then we built our studio around those ideas. Dimepeace offers some very innovative features that other studios don’t. Here’s a list of services that Dimepeace provides for models:

Help Getting Started

We’ll help you get started offering a wide range of adult services. This includes all the prep work before you get started, registering and learning the sites and consultation on how to give the best and most profitable performances.

Consultation and Support

If any questions come up at any time, we’re there to answer them for you. It doesn’t matter if the question is technical or about performing. We’ll provide you with the proper support and consultation to succeed in the adult industry.


Dimepeace does a lot to drive traffic for our models. Here are some of our main traffic sources:

Social Media – We’ve got social media handles on all the major networks, including the adult-specific ones.

Website / Search Engine Optimization – We’ll work with you to build out a beautiful and profitable website. We know all the search engine optimization (SEO) best practices and will work on creating a content strategy that will attract search engine traffic. We’ve also got our very own websites that we use to promote your content and service, gaining you customers.

Media Buy / Display Advertising – We run banner ads for our websites (and yours) through various publisher networks. These networks place our ads on many different adult sites that are a part of that network.

Adult Sites, Forums and Networks – We run many of our own web presences that can be used to promote you and your service. We’re also part of many other adult sites and communities.

DMCA Monitoring / Takedowns

Dimepeace studio offers DMCA monitoring and takedowns for our models. We continuously look for unauthorized posting of content on social media, tube sites and other porn sites. When people can find your content and watch it for free, there’s less incentive for them to purchase your content or shows. Pirated and stolen content has an impact on every model’s bottom-line and being diligent about getting it removed keeps the customers paying.

Dynamic Payment Options

We work with you on payment schedules and payment options. Most camming sites and adult networks only pay out twice per month with minimum cashouts and only a select number of cashout options. We provide more frequent payments, consolidated payments from all the sites you perform on and a wider selection of payment options.

Discrete Wishlist Forwarding

Wishlist purchases will sometimes share address information with the purchaser. This is a major privacy concern. Use our PO Boxes in a different state to make sure your privacy is never compromised. We will forward all your wishlist purchases to you.

Collaboration Opportunities

Want to produce some content with other models? We can connect you with our network of models. Find other Dimepeace models in your region, or connect with those that are willing to travel or host travelers.


Apply To Become A Model Today!

Ready to get started? Apply to become a model now! We’ll follow-up within 48 hours and discuss all the different possibilities. Get access to all the services outlined above, plus much more. Apply to become a Dimepeace model today!