Adult Skype Shows

Skype shows are very similar to camming on a site. The difference is that the shows take place over Skype. Because Skype is providing the technology instead of the camming site, models get to keep a much larger percentage of the revenue. The only overhead is the cost of payment processing which is minimal. The drawback is that you don’t get all the traffic that camming sites provide.

Skype shows are great for private 1-on-1 sessions with your good customers. Because your customers regularly purchase shows from you, you’ll make more money from each show doing it on Skype instead of a private show on a camming site. If you sell any other private shows outside of a camming site, you should consider doing that private over Skype instead.


Dimepeace Provides Tools For Skype Shows

We’ll give you all the tools you need to promote your services, book Skype shows and accept payments. We’ll also help promote your Skype shows over our various web sites and social media accounts. If you’ve got any questions about the best ways to accept payments and on Skype performances, we’re here to answer them for you.


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